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Project Description
Eye on SQL - Load Test is a tool designed for volume tests against SQL Server.


This tool was designed as a simple load test agent against a SQL server. The idea of it is to stress a database and server with some predefined queries.

In order to use this, you should create or catch some queries and save them as .sql files (one file per query). Then, just select the folder where those files are, set the number of concurrent connections and, if desired, a percentage of incremental load.

This tool is still under development, so it still has some bugs and some improvements needed. I'm working on several aspects of it, but of course I'm open to comments and to nice-to-have things. Also, if you think this application deserves a donation, I'll be glad to accept one. If you can support this, please use the Donate button on the following link (Personal Blog):

Alejandro Pelc


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